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Nineteen years ago, two men wanted somewhere to Nordic ski nearby where they lived. Thus, Rick Callies and Buck Madden chose the east side of Vallecito Reservoir to begin their efforts. With minimal equipment, lots of blood, sweat and sore muscles, and probably a few unprintable words, the Nordic trails at Vallecito were “born”. Rick and Buck christened this area the Pine River Valley Ski Club.

Originally their equipment consisted of just one vintage snowmobile with a section of chain-link fence in tow. It’s difficult to imagine what they went through back when they had far more snow to deal with. At some point Rob Cowen joined the fold, seeking to ease the burden Rick and Buck had created for themselves. Together the three toiled away for nothing more than the good of the Nordic ski community.

Years later Diane Legner, a Nordic skier, asked how she could help. Rick appointed her “Rock Thrower” to keep trails free of debris, thus beginning her lengthy involvement with what is now best known as the Vallecito Nordic Ski Club. The club’s board members and volunteers kept busy, obtaining 501(c)(3) status, writing countless grant applications, adding grooming equipment and, most importantly, assembling a hotshot crew of incredible volunteer groomers. Through all this work, Vallecito now features a wonderful system of approximately 15 kilometers of groomed Nordic ski trails.

Every winter countless skiers and snowshoers of all abilities enjoy the ski trails at Vallecito. On weekends, it is not uncommon to see in excess of 100 folks taking part in winter recreation by the lake.

Thank you for helping us enjoy and maintain such a beautiful and well-used area. With your continued support, we can guarantee that the Vallecito Nordic Ski Club will be around for future generations to enjoy.