Grooming Report. Friday, March 3
Trails will be groomed for skating either late in the day Friday or early Saturday morning. New classic tracks will be set if snow conditions allow. What this means is that skiing should be great on Saturday after approximately 9:00am, ish

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Grooming report. Wednesda, March 1
All trails groomed today for skating AND new classic tracks set!!
Skiing the next couple of mornings should be great. Snow likely to soften up in the afternoon.

2017-03-01T20:47:46+00:00 March 1st, 2017|Conditions|

Grooming Report. Tuesday, Feb. 28
Approx. 8″ of fresh snow this morning. Groomed FS road, East Creek and Norh Beach. Hoping that this new snow and colder temperatures will have everyone on great snow through this coming weekend. Thanks

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Grooming Report: Friday, Feb. 24
Trails will be groomed late today (Friday 2/24) or early on Saturday morning. Hopefully new classic track will be set, conditions permitting. That means skiing should be great on Saturday!!

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Grooming Report Wednesday, Feb. 22
FS Road, East Creek and Beach groomed this morning. Campground trails are getting a thin and icy, please exercise CAUTION on these trails.

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Grooming/Skiing report, Tuesday, Feb. 21
Word is that both the classic skiing and skating are great up at Vallecito. Forecast for cooler temps later this week should make for continued great conditions!

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Grooming report, Monday, Feb. 20
All trails groomed and classic tracks set today.

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Grooming report, Sunday, Feb. 19
2″ of fresh snow fell early Sunday morning. That snow has been groomed for skating and the next couple of days should be good skating. Hit it in the morning before snow gets too warm and soft

2017-02-19T16:36:14+00:00 February 19th, 2017|Conditions|

Lost Cell Phone!
A skier lost a cell phone at Vallecito Nordic trails or trailhead. It was in a red leather case. If found please call (970)247-9055
Thank you

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Grooming report: Wednesday, Feb. 15
News Flash…classic tracks reset plus trails all groomed for skating. (thank you John!)
Word is that the skiing is great.

2017-02-15T16:35:17+00:00 February 15th, 2017|Conditions|