Update Jan. 25
No snow in the forecast this weekend. However, all trails were groomed today and will be touched up both Saturday and Sunday. Skiing should be great this weekend.

2019-01-25T21:46:37+00:00 January 25th, 2019|Conditions|

Update Jan. 23
All trails groomed yesterday (Tuesday) and new classic track set. Cold temps last night should help things set up nicely. Enjoy

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Update Jan. 21
All trails groomed everyday this holiday weekend, including today (Monday, Jan.21)
Supposed to be snow coming this afternoon. Looks like it may not amount to much. We’ll see.
Skate lanes are firming up and the classic tracks remain super-solid! This is prime Nordic season, please get out and enjoy.

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Update Jan. 18
Another 8″ Thursday night at Vallecito. All trails packed and groomed for skating today. Classic tracks are being set this afternoon by The Maestro. Skating is soft and will hopefully set up overnight. Enjoy the skiing this weekend. We will have groomers out Saturday and Sunday.

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Update Jan.17

Approximately 8” of new snow Tuesday night at Vallecito.  All trails groomed Wednesday thanks to the heroic efforts of all star groomers hiking to the trailhead Wednesday morning when county road was not plowed! Groomed for skating, no classic track set as of yet.

More snow expected tonight!!

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Update Jan. 13

Snowy weekend. Approx. 8″ new through Saturday and another 6″ Sunday. Groomers were hitting it all weekend trying to stay ahead of the snow. (What a great problem to have!!) Two groomers were out today for about 5 hours each. However, it snowed hard all afternoon. Expect soft conditions and fresh snow until we can try to pack it and even then it will probably take a couple of days for the snow to set up. Enjoy the white stuff.

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Update Jan. 12

All trails groomed yesterday, Friday, Jan.11. Main FS road and East Creek groomed for skating and classic tracks reset. Fresh snow this morning will make the skating a little challenging, but classic should be nice. We will be grooming all trails again today (Saturday Jan.12). Should be a beautiful, snowy, awesome weekend of skiing.

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update Jan. 10

Grooming trails everyday this week. Main FS road, East Creek and Campground trails all groomed and skiing well.

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Update Monday, Jan. 7, 2019
Approx. 6” of new snow Sunday night/Monday.
All trails groomed for skate and classic.

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