Update Jan. 13

Snowy weekend. Approx. 8″ new through Saturday and another 6″ Sunday. Groomers were hitting it all weekend trying to stay ahead of the snow. (What a great problem to have!!) Two groomers were out today for about 5 hours each. However, it snowed hard all afternoon. Expect soft conditions and fresh snow until we can try to pack it and even then it will probably take a couple of days for the snow to set up. Enjoy the white stuff.

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Update Jan. 12

All trails groomed yesterday, Friday, Jan.11. Main FS road and East Creek groomed for skating and classic tracks reset. Fresh snow this morning will make the skating a little challenging, but classic should be nice. We will be grooming all trails again today (Saturday Jan.12). Should be a beautiful, snowy, awesome weekend of skiing.

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update Jan. 10

Grooming trails everyday this week. Main FS road, East Creek and Campground trails all groomed and skiing well.

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Update Monday, Jan. 7, 2019
Approx. 6” of new snow Sunday night/Monday.
All trails groomed for skate and classic.

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Thank you, Lost & Found

Thank you for a great Demo Day!
Approx. 6″ of fresh snow this morning.
Big Thank you to:
Pine Needle Mountaineering, Backcountry Experience, 2nd Ave Sports for their support of this event.
If you forgot to pick up your drivers license, or a pair of gloves,  you can retrieve them at Durango Running Company, 473 E. College, (next to Homeslice) between the hours of 10am-6pm
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Demo Day is tomorrow! Sunday, Jan. 6 9:00am-3:00pm.
Come demo free skis, boots, poles and snowshoes from:
Backcountry Experience
Pine Needle Mountaineering
2nd Ave Sports


Grooming Update:
Expecting snow overnight and tomorrow. We will be out grooming trails early tomorrow morning in preparation for Demo Day. More snow is always a good thing and we will do our best to pack and groom that snow for your skiing pleasure!

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Update: Jan. 3
Main FS road groomed again and classic tracks set! It soft, but awesome skiing!!

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Update & Demo Day this Sunday, Jan.6

Access road plowed and Grooming progressing. Main road to Pine Point packed and groomed. No classic tracks yet. Snow is still very soft but reports are that skiing is great. Groomers will be out again tomorrow (Thurs. Jan.3) and conditions should just get better and better.
Reminder: Demo Day this Sunday, Jan. 6, 9:00am-3:00pm at trailhead
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Update Jan. 1, 2019

Happy New Year from Vallecito Nordic! We welcomed the new year with approximately 3 feet of fresh snow at the trailhead this morning.
Groomers worked all day just trying to pack all of the fresh snow. It will continue to be a work in progress. Good skiing, particularly skating is still a couple of days away. We will continue tomorrow (Wed. Jan.2) to pack the trails. Hoping that all of this dry, fluffy snow will start to consolidate and set up for better Nordic skiing.
Touring and snowshoeing will be great options.
Also, FYI, as of today, Jan. 1 the road to the trailhead had NOT been plowed!! High clearance, 4WD vehicles only.
We are hoping that the road will be plowed tonight or tomorrow morning.
Thanks and enjoy the return of Winter!!
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