Grooming Report

Mon Feb 17, 2014 -6 PM

Well we finally reached the end of the line for Vallecito for this year. The snow, or lack thereof, is beyond repair. Even if we get a dump of snow in the next two weeks (none forecast), with the base gone, it wouldn’t last long given the time of year.  Our groomers are in the process of removing grooming equipment. We did have a few obstacles to contend with this year, including higher than normal lake levels, which flooded our beach trails, a lack of snow, and warm temps. Even with these obstacles the skiing was amazing for a long time largely due to consistently good grooming and some serious shoveling. Thanks to everyone who helps to create such a fantastic winter playground.  See you next year!

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Grooming Report

Mon Feb 17, 2014 -8 AM

The Archery Biathalon was a great success yesterday with about 20-30 people turning out. With a lack of snow, it’s good to see people thinking outside the box.  With these temperatures, the snow is melting fast. Large bare spots have emerged and the road is not skiable beyond Pine Point and East Creek is also closed. Sections of the road remain skiable and the groomers put in another huge effort this weekend to keep melting spots covered. Stay tuned for updates on grooming status.

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