Update Jan. 1, 2019

Happy New Year from Vallecito Nordic! We welcomed the new year with approximately 3 feet of fresh snow at the trailhead this morning.
Groomers worked all day just trying to pack all of the fresh snow. It will continue to be a work in progress. Good skiing, particularly skating is still a couple of days away. We will continue tomorrow (Wed. Jan.2) to pack the trails. Hoping that all of this dry, fluffy snow will start to consolidate and set up for better Nordic skiing.
Touring and snowshoeing will be great options.
Also, FYI, as of today, Jan. 1 the road to the trailhead had NOT been plowed!! High clearance, 4WD vehicles only.
We are hoping that the road will be plowed tonight or tomorrow morning.
Thanks and enjoy the return of Winter!!
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