Too warm this morning to groom without doing more harm than good. Sorry for report earlier this morning.

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rooming Update Saturday, Feb. 11
No grooming on Friday.
There will be a crew out early on Saturday morning. They will groom all trails for skating and reset classic tracks if snow conditions permit. Skiing should be better earlier in the day before snow warms and softens.

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Grooming update. Thurs. Feb. 9
All trails groomed today for skating. Skiing should be good before noon.

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Afternoon Update
Wednesday, Feb. 8
Rain on Tuesday night and really warm temperatures are presenting problems for trail conditions. Please exercise good judgement if you are out on the trails. Skiing and dog traffic on really soft/slushy/warm snow causes deep ruts and holes in trails that are difficult to remove. Just like you, we want to extend our nordic season as long as possible and are doing all we can to accomplish that. Thank you

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Grooming Report: Wednesday Feb.8
Trails will be groomed today. Should be great skiing. (Better between 10:00am and 1:00pm)

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Grooming Report Monday, Feb. 6
Trails groomed on Sunday and Monday. Warmer temps are getting us into a freeze/thaw cycle that creates the best skiing window between approximately 9:30am and 1:00pm.
Hopefully cooler temperatures and more snow headed our way.

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Grooming report. Sunday, Feb.5

Warm and sunny at Vallecito.
Trails will be groomed today.
Put on some sunscreen and get out and enjoy.

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Grooming Report – Snowdown Friday

Grooming Report – Snowdown Friday
There are beautiful skate lanes ready for Saturday.. We tried to reset the classic tracks with mixed results. There is a window when the snow is hardening up and the tracks go in beautifully. In some places we missed that window.
The skiing should be wonderful tomorrow, especially
the skating.
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Grooming report – Thursday, February 2, 2017

Grooming report – Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Forest Service road, East Creek and South Beach (and one pass on the north beach) were groomed for skating.  Grooming stopped at noon when the sun came out and the snow softened.

Classic tracks were not reset.  They may be reset Friday evening if temperatures drop enough for them to freeze in overnight.  If you ski late on Friday please avoid skiing in new classic tracks to give a chance to firm up.

Spring-like conditions continue – cold AM and warm PM.
Have fun skiing!

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