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Nordic Community!!
Please help us save the North Loop! This requires your IMMEDIATE ATTENTION
See below:
Friends of Durango Nordic,
We need your help TODAY to support the future of our trails at the Nordic Center. This request should take no more than 5 minutes of your time. Please take a moment to help us out.
The Nordic Center is under significant development pressure. Our first challenge is to provide critical input to San Juan County to prevent loss of the North Loop to a proposed 190 unit high density Motorcoach development. GThis is the highest density development proposed on our btrails and the current developer has not been open to keeping the North Loop as part of the development. We ask that you send your concern via email to the County Planner TODAY, address and instructions provided below. We have a DNSC group headed to the Silverton meeting tonight.
There is a public meeting TONIGHT, March 21 at 7:00 PM with the San Juan County Planning Commission at Silverton’s County Courthouse (first floor, front stairs immediately to the left in Commissioner Room). This is not the official approval that requires a Public Notice and a Public Hearing. County Commissioners are meeting to review and approve Planning Commission recommendation for the Motorcoach Resort April 12th at 8:30 AM. The April 12th meeting will be the official Public Hearing to approve what is forwarded by the Planning Commission from tonights public meeting.
Here is what we ask:
1) Email Mr. Mark Reavis, County Planner at Please copy so that we also have a record of emails sent.
2) Indicate that you support Durango Nordic Ski Club’s letter to the Planning Department and County Commissioners which requests the ability to maintain in perpetuity the essential function of the North Loop at the Nordic Center at Purgatory as part of their review and approval of the proposed Motorcoach development.
3) Please share this email with your friends that care about the Nordic Center and continued access to diverse recreational activities in our backyard. Please include friends who live in either La Plata or San Juan Counties in your outreach!
4) If you have time, come to the public meetings, tonight or on the April 12th.
5) We have information including our letter to San Juan County posted on and on our facebook page. Please share!
You voice is critically important.
Thank you,
Durango Nordic Ski Club

Linked digitally as a cashless society

It is a brand new world for the payments ecosystem which includes digital money and virtual cash, and the addition of mobile payment apps. The changes are the results of the convergence of three industries, which are retail, banking, and telecommunications. If everyone will work together to be able to harness the cutting-edge digital era and realize the convenience of having a cashless society, more people will reap from the benefits. It can accomplish removing the middleman and economic inclusion for all.

Shifting from cash to digital money

The shift is basically making the change from making a physical cash payment transaction to using an alternative payment solution. Since it is private companies like payment providers that are involved in processing the payment transactions, unavoidably, there are costs. Though at times, there is no fee for funds transfers like when using an e-wallet. The reality is that a cashless society cannot operate without exchanges and there have to be transaction fees for its entire payment systems to be able to sustain itself. If there are policies and the authorities such as those in the banking industry that ties us with the payment providers, the government can make it possible to fund the payment infrastructure for it to become more widespread.


The financial savings from avoiding the payment of processing fees could be to the benefit of those in want. If everyone will work together to save on fees for transferring funds, the lack of fees can aid those in economically depressed areas. For the poorer members of society, there is often a prohibitive price in getting access to financial inclusion. In a cashless society, due to the digital transformation cash transfers, ease of a payment transaction, and access to banking services, it will help to close the wide gap of financial inclusion. The individuals who will garner most benefits are those who are most in want.


Some governments of cashless societies use the recorded transactions as a tool to combat corruption and organized crime, and other criminal activities such as money laundering. The preferred payment method of those who want anonymity is cash as it is untraceable. If each person has access to the payment infrastructure and there is are a lot more of the efficient cashless payment systems, there could be greater transparency in the money flows. If we are all in the chain and linked digitally, there will be the transparency of where the funds went, how it got exchanged, and where it got spent. Those questionable amounts can be red-flagged and immediately investigated by law enforcers to be able to target the criminals.

Regulatory alignment

We already have secure payment systems. It will take some time to enable payment ecosystems and the integration of the additional technology necessary for the payment infrastructure. There is also the regulatory alignment that is needed and cross-border compliance with policies that must be implemented with a global community that spans all nations. We also must have the technology to enable the millions of payment transactions that happen on a daily basis.



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